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Glue film R&D

       Hot melt adhesive film products have different specifications and models. Because there are many types of materials to be glued, and the user’s use process and equipment conditions are also different, we often encounter that the existing hot melt adhesive film product specifications and models cannot meet customers Demand situation. In order to better meet the needs of the market, we will provide customized services for hot melt adhesive film products. The customization of hot melt adhesive film is divided into the customization of existing products and the development and customization of new products.


1. Existing product customization

The customization of existing products is proposed when the existing product specifications cannot meet customer needs, such as product width, thickness, length of each roll, packaging method, etc. do not meet customer needs. In this case, we provide customized services for product specifications.


2. New product development and customization

When existing products cannot meet customer needs, we provide new product development and customization services. After fully communicating with customers, we will develop new products under the cooperation of customers. The development of new products is usually carried out according to the following process, with a certain period of time.


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