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Insulation plastic building materials in China, a huge space for development

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :30

        Insulation plastic building materials has become a fashion indicator of the elements of the family, the future building materials plastics will be more and more consumers of all ages, is expected to become a new consumer hot spots and new economic growth point. With the gradual improvement of the varieties of plastic building materials, supporting and standardization, as well as the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation to promote the use of efforts to increase, all kinds of plastic building materials such as plastic pipe, doors and windows, polymer waterproofing materials, decoration materials, insulation materials And other plastic building materials demand will have a more substantial increase.

         Insulation plastic building materials in the United States, Japan and other countries on the application of the building has been very mature, energy-saving effect is good. And in China, large-scale application has just begun, the future development of a huge space. Will be a mixture of plastic and wood powder according to a certain proportion, the hot extrusion output of the plate, can be used for furniture, ceili

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