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How to identify PC / ABS plastic

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :33

        We can now say that the market can be said to have a large number of products, and these products, whether in life or industrial production which are able to play a significant role in these products which certainly have a considerable part of the plastic products of. And now the plastic products in the performance above are very good, and one of the PC / ABS plastic is the application of a very wide range of materials.

        But we live in which people can really know him is relatively small, not to say that the performance of this product is not excellent, one of the most important reason is that we can not grasp the relevant knowledge of the identification, which for us Said it was a regret.

        So here today in order to let everyone for this plastic products have a more profound understanding, then we will tell you about the new method of identifying PC / ABS plastic, first of all we can use ethyl acetate to wipe, if Is ABS can not afford silk, HIPS will be from the wire.

        But for the above method is only refers to the pure material production, then in life certainly see the plastic products are impure. Then this time we can material some fire method, and this method is the easiest way, but also the most commonly used method.

        In general, if it is after the fire there will be dense holes, and taste a touch of sweet, then this is the ABS, in general, this product in terms of brightness and so on are more obvious. Of course, we can also through some of the surface features to identify, this method is generally applicable to some professionals.

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