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What is the enhancement of flame retardant PET plastic?

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :23

PET plastic is one of the most important varieties of thermoplastic polyester. In 1946, the first patent of PET plastic was published in England. In 1953, DuPont company first realized the industrialized production of PET plastics. Almost all of the early PET was used for synthetic fibers. By the 80s of last century, PET plastics had made breakthroughs in engineering plastics, and became the fifth major engineering plastics after nylon, polycarbonate, POM and PPO. PET plastic is a very rapid plastic variety. The global production of PET in 2016 has exceeded 76 million 700 thousand tons, and the global output of PET is expected to reach 110 million 170 thousand tons in 2020.

PET as engineering plastics can be applied to the following areas, and its consumption amounts are: electronic and electrical appliances 26%, cars 22%, machinery 19%, appliances 10%, consumer goods 10%, and other 13%. Because PET is widely used in automotive, electrical and other industries, these industries have strict requirements for material combustion and safety performance. Therefore, improving flame retardancy is one of the basic requirements of PET plastics.

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