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Discussion on R & D and Application of Flame Retardant in China

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :22

Annex I:

First, the organization:

Sponsor: China International Science and Technology Promotion Association (Unit: People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology)

Sponsor: Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd

Conference form: the General Assembly report, special seminars, technical exchanges, product display, scientific research into the negotiations.

Second, the main contents of the meeting:

1, domestic and foreign laws and regulations on flame retardants and the development direction of flame retardants; China's flame retardants research status and development trends;

2, the development trend of flame retardants and new technology applications; flame retardant standards and regulations; flame retardant test technology; the development of flame retardants and its application in various industries;

3, flame retardant materials, combustion behavior and flame retardant mechanism; flame retardant theory and technology research and development of the latest scientific research;

4, environmental protection, low toxicity, high efficiency, multi-functional flame retardant research and development, preparation and technology research; halogen-free, low smoke, non-toxic, efficient new flame retardants; flame retardant materials processing technology and method;

5, the new flame retardant synthesis, characterization and performance research; new flame retardant safety research and evaluation; flame retardant surface modification technology research progress;

6, halogen flame retardant, phosphorus flame retardant, nitrogen and phosphorus composite expansion flame retardant, inorganic flame retardants and other applicable environment and the advantages and disadvantages of processing;

7, nano-flame retardant technology research and application prospects; nano-flame retardant composite materials preparation, application and technology prospects;

8, flame retardant plastic and flame retardant composite materials; flame retardant composite materials preparation and performance;

9, flame retardant elastomer and rubber; fiber and fabric flame retardant technology;

10, new fire retardant coating research and development and industrial applications;

11, flame retardant wire and cable and its combustion performance test method analysis;

12, new fire retardant building materials technology and application examples;

13, the treatment of flame retardant wastewater and recycling; harmless treatment of flame retardants:

14, flame retardant testing equipment; flame retardant production of new equipment, new technologies, new technology, new results to promote and use.

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