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The new environmental protection standard for imported waste plastics has been officially released!

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :22

On the latest news, Zanten Xiaobian learned from the inspection and Quarantine Bureau. In November 15, 2017, China issued a circular to the WTO, and asked the world trade nations to solicit opinions on "import waste solid waste environmental protection control standard -- waste plastics".

The standard is applicable to the import management of waste plastics imported from the solid waste list which can be used as raw materials. The purpose is to strictly control the entry of solid wastes and control the environmental pollution caused by waste plastics imported from raw materials.

The standard is to define the waste plastics as thermoplastic waste, leftover material and residue in the process of plastic production and plastic processing.

Standard requirements:

The import of plastic waste can not be mixed with radioactive waste, waste can not be mixed with bombs, shells and other explosive weapons and ammunition, the requirement of hazardous waste total weight can not exceed 0.01% of the weight of imported waste plastics mixed waste plastics in 0.5%, mixing some other inclusions can not exceed the total weight of the weight of imported waste plastics.

Jiangsu: Wuxi inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the relevant enterprise, we should pay high attention to the latest standards of imported waste plastics, waste plastics enterprises imported as raw materials must report to the inspection and quarantine authorities before entry, inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with the requirements of the national mandatory standards inspection qualified rear can use sales.

Inspection and quarantine departments: strengthen the legal publicity of the import business, while continuing to strengthen the supervision of waste materials, strengthen risk prevention and control measures, close monitoring of port of entry waste raw material and radioactive hazard, strict quality and safety of imported waste materials, maintenance of port security and people's life and health.

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