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A new generation of LLDPE packaging materials successfully come out

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :28

A new generation of linear low density polyethylene packaging materials containing Yadi Fent WESTON705 antioxidants has been successfully available.

WESTON705 has made the use of more than 20 major polymer manufacturers in the world approved. It is the only single solution to meet the requirements of polyethylene manufacturers and a wide range of tested solutions to meet the requirements of global plastics processing and packaging materials for liquid antioxidants.

In the United States, Europe and Asia, WESTON705 antioxidants will give food packaging materials use safety, performance and production efficiency to bring a new standard.

With the emergence of these new commercial packaging materials and applications, the entire value chain is validating the performance of the new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidants.

"Because of the high phosphorus content, WESTON705 reduces the amount of antioxidant by 20%, making plastic formulation and recycling more flexible," said Dr. Jonathan Hill, Chief Technology Officer, "WESTON705 is easier to process, has a wider application, and produces less precipitates and gels than polyethylene succoids with conventional solid antioxidants."

It is reported that by the end of 2017, Yadi Fant will WESTON705 in West Virginia, Morgan City and China's production capacity expanded to 2016 early 5 times.

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