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India's plastics industry will seek a breakthrough in infrastructure

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :26

        Recently, India held a series of topics in the country called "how plastics make the infrastructure more sustainable". At this meeting, speakers from government and academia have said that the next three years will invest 375 billion US dollars in infrastructure. This will create many opportunities for the Indian plastics industry. However, it is worth mentioning that some polymer processors need to pay attention to the impact of their production processes on the environment.

        On 23 February, Indian Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu held a meeting on infrastructure sustainability and plastics in New Delhi, said plastics could play a key role in a sustainable infrastructure, but that must Destruction of the natural environment as a prerequisite.

        He also said that the government is doing a variety of efforts in this regard, but also developed a series of policies to ensure the normalization of ecosystems.

        In addition, Prabhu cites the 2016 World Economic Forum report, which shows that by 2050, the plastic in the ocean will exceed the total number of fish. Therefore, the plastics industry must pay more attention to recycling. He also suggested that colleagues want some new ideas to create more polymers for sustainable infrastructures. With the increase in related applications, there will be more opportunities for plastics in some infrastructure such as roads and railways. But it is a difficult problem to use plastic if it does not have a negative impact.

        Several other speakers in the conference also said that the industry needed more innovation.

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