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Foreign research PVC pipe life of up to a hundred years

:2017-04-06 :Zanchen Company :31

        Recently, the United States Steven Folkman experts study, PVC pipe life can be more than 100 years, this study is through the global use of PVC pipe mining and testing shows.

        This study was one more time than previously studied by some of the pipeline experts, and the researchers used the pipeline analysis of water supply systems in countries such as the United States, Europe, North America, Australia, etc., which dug out the United States in 1964, In early 1990, the PVC pipe was awakened by the USU laboratory's mechanical tests to assess the aging of the process, and the study showed that after decades of use, there was no aging phenomenon.

        If the PVC pipe life within 100 years of the problem, the Institute of analysts said the reasons include: improper installation, design unreasonable, production defects, inferior products and maintenance is not correct and so on.

        So we should be installed in the installation of a professional installation of the master to install, buy high-quality products, not because of cheap and wrong choice, maintenance should be strictly, do not hastily, so we can ensure that the pipeline life longer.

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