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Plastic pipe industry

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :26

        China's plastic pipe industry, "thirteen five" development plan has recently officially released, put forward the development of technical standards, product quality improvement and other development goals, clearly put forward to continue to improve the product quality commitment system to encourage qualified enterprises to actively insure the product Quality liability insurance, so that product quality to meet the needs of the market.

        Plastic pipe "thirteen five" plan that the development of China's plastic pipe industry, "13" during the period there are still good market opportunities, the total amount is expected to maintain moderate growth. According to the changes in the market, it is believed that the project of municipal construction with drainage, water supply, heating and agricultural water saving irrigation and rural drinking water safety consolidation project is still the main application area of plastic pipe. At the same time, with the domestic economic development into the new normal, plastic pipe market demand gradually stabilized, the industry has been "high-speed development period" gradually transformed into "stable period" and "transition period." The industry is subject to continuous oversupply of production capacity, increased competition, lack of scientific and technological innovation power, factors of continuous improvement of production factors, financial constraints and other issues, the further development of the industry constraints.

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