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The development trend of recycled plastic industry under the human destiny community of recycled plastics

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :24

In October 18, 2017, the nineteen major reports put forward that we should adhere to the road of peaceful development and promote the construction of a community of human destiny. What is the community of human destiny? The community of human destiny refers to taking into consideration the legitimate concerns of other countries while pursuing their own interests, and promoting the common development of all countries in the pursuit of national development. Its core contents are: building the community of human destiny, achieving win-win win share, and building a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness and tolerance, green and low carbon. Natural ecosystems are the basic conditions for human survival, and only the perfect natural ecosystem can ensure the basic protection of the interests of all levels of human beings. The protection of biodiversity, important ecological function area and human economic activity are not more than ecological carrying capacity. It is the basic characterization of the perfect natural ecosystem. On the other hand, if the ecological function of the natural ecological environment system has been destroyed and ceased to be destroyed, the human survival and inheritance conditions will be worsened.

For our plastic products, it has the greatest threat to the pollution of the environment, the most difficult to recover, and the high demand for regenerative technology. Plastic packaging is made of thin film, plastic rope, plastic film bag, woven bag, foam plastic, plastic bottle and bucket, basket, box and so on. These products are hard to recycle, and the pollution to the environment is terrible. Plastics are difficult to be biodegraded. It takes a few generations to degrade in a natural state, and may even take more than 500 years. If the choice of landfill, not only occupy land resources, but also through indirect ways to harm the environment and human health. If the incineration is chosen, a large amount of black smoke will be produced, even the dioxin, which is very toxic, will produce two times of pollution. The plastic film at the effects of soil in the field in the land, cattle eating will cause danger.

From the principles of protecting the environment, saving human resources and the fate of mankind, all countries in the world now attach great importance to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste. This is an effective measure to take the road of sustainable development and recycling economy.

The pace of environmental protection in China continues to go ahead. In 2013 ten air pollution control measures "and" hedge action started the environmental battle prelude, 2017 is the year of China's environmental protection, after the beginning of the "country sword", the environmental policy has introduced, environmental protection inside the tense atmosphere, the overall recycled plastics market started only 2-3, high start no longer there. Environmental issues will be an important part of our country and even the world, constantly advancing constantly, in promoting the pace of human destiny, the development trend of the park will be the recycling market, import to domestic manufacturers later is rarely informative things, and the continuation of price rise, new material price the gradual reduction will become a major trend, new material use ratio increase will be the development trend of product factory.

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