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At the beginning of the new year, these areas carry out a stricter plastic and no plastic order

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :30

Free and pollute degradable plastic bags are banned free of charge in Spain

In order to cater to the European Union's common directive on environmental protection, Spain has begun to ban pollute degradable plastic bags free of charge since January 1, 2018.

The ban involves all the retail establishments and the places and units that provide public service activities. The service providers can no longer give customers free disposable plastic bags, and they must charge a minimum fee of 0.05-0.30 euros per bag. It is equal to charge the plastic bags for all the stores and public places in the future.

At the same time in Spain came into force on the new law, and give it two months for the buffer period, particularly in January 1st to February 28 during the day, for example, a store provides guests with free plastic bags, can be allowed to default and not punishment, but since March 1st, will be opening up to thousands of euros in fines. That is to say, the regulations on the consequences of the injunction have been imposed on March 1st.

Spain is a common directive applicable to the whole European Union in order to cater to the EU's 2015 environmental law on the reduction of the use of non biodegradable plastic products. This directive treats the plastic bag with a biodegradable time of up to five hundred years as the number one pollute public enemy. The EU stipulates that from 2019, all Member States must legislate to prohibit free plastic bags, or to introduce measures to achieve the maximum use of plastic bags by 90 per person per year, and to 40 in 2025.

In Spain, the plastic bags which can be oxidated, photodegradable, hydrated and thermable can be included in the most polluting bags. The recyclable rate of such disposable plastic bags is only 10%. The new legislation stipulates that the thickness of degradable plastic bags with a thickness of less than 15 microns is the most expensive, from 0.05 euro to 0.30 euros, and the thickness is 15-29 microns, which is 0.10 euros, and 30 microns above. However, from the composting, grain extraction and recycled bags, the minimum charge is based on the size, which is charged at 0.02-0.03 euro, for example, the large capacity can receive 0.05 euros. In addition, the manufacturer can continue to use portable plastic bags for the sale of packaged food.

Spain's environmental protection department says Spain uses 238 plastic bags per year, and the EU's environmental directive is aiming to reduce to 90 by 2019, and less than 40 in 2025. After the Spanish will launch an environmental awareness campaign, correct people's thought of "plastic bag is light, cheap and no harm" false consciousness, promote the use of environmentally friendly people such as cloth bags, paper bags, change the user's habits.

The platform expands the "plastic limiting order", which is expected to reduce 1 billion 500 million plastic bags a year

Since January 1, 2018, the "plastic limiting order" in Taiwan, China, will also expand, and 7 types of businesses, such as the new beverage store, are not allowed to provide free plastic bags. If the operators violate the rules, they will be fined up to 6000 yuan. After the implementation of the new regulations, it is expected that more than 8 thousand stores will be affected and 1 billion 500 million plastic bags can be reduced each year.

According to the Taiwan authorities, the environmental protection department announcement, 7 types of businesses including: cosmetic, beauty, pharmacy, medical equipment, 3C retail, bookstore, stationery shop, laundry, beverage shop, bakery and other 7 categories, the control object from the current 7 categories of 2 million to expand to 14 categories of 10 million.

The environmental protection department said that after the implementation of the new policy next year, the first time for the illegal stores will first be persuaded, and the second will be fined directly by 1200 yuan to 6000 yuan. According to reports, Taiwan since 2002 to promote the policy of reducing the use of plastic bags for shopping, provisions of hypermarkets and supermarkets are convenient chain stores, such as the 7 major categories of stores are not allowed to provide free plastic bags for shopping, to develop the habit of people to bring their own shopping bags. So far, the use of about 2 billion plastic bags has been reduced annually. According to the regulations, the plastic bags of fresh goods or food such as fish, meat, vegetable and fruit are not in the limit of "plastic limit".

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