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China's plastic pipe industry,

:2018-03-27 :Zanchen Company :48

        With the domestic economic development into the new normal stage, the plastic pipe market demand gradually stabilized, the industry has been "high-speed development period" gradually transformed into "stable period" and "transition period." Driven by the continuous oversupply of production capacity, increased competition, lack of scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement of production factor costs, financial constraints and other issues, the further development of the industry constraints.

        "China's plastic pipe industry," thirteen five "period (2016-2020) development proposal" (hereinafter referred to as "recommendations") that the "three five" period is the plastic pipe industry in the development of an important period, the growth rate will be further slowed down , The decline in growth, industry competition intensified. The industry should adapt to the new norm of macroeconomic development, adjust and optimize the industrial structure in the development, stabilize the progress, strengthen the structural reform of the supply side, pay attention to the related industry exchanges and cooperation, form a competitive industrial cluster, accelerate scientific and technological innovation and technology Progress, and further strengthen the high-performance, high value-added new product development, strengthen brand building, improve the quality level, improve the comprehensive competitiveness to meet different markets, different areas of plastic pipe products, different needs.

        "Suggestions" put forward the production, product structure optimization, scientific and technological progress, technical standards, product quality 5 development goals.

        Production targets, "13th Five-Year" period, the plastic pipe production will remain at about 3% annual growth rate, by 2020, the national plastic pipe production is expected to reach 16 million tons, of which wading products are still the main plastic pipe Application areas, especially in municipal water supply and drainage pipeline growth. It is expected that the average length of plastic piping will exceed 55% in all types of material pipelines.

        Product structure optimization objectives, response to market demand, resource conditions and changes in business environment, to achieve the optimization of plastic piping system to achieve optimal allocation of resources, out of the low-end excess capacity. Plastic pipe products and complete specifications and specifications, supporting a significant level of improvement, the overall level of the international advanced level. Continue to consolidate and enhance the traditional market, broaden the application areas, the development of energy, oil industry and other industries with special features of the plastic pipe.

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